They made a third person shooter based on Plants vs Zombies. I’m not sure either

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  1. A fair few folks are correcting me on the Cherry Bomb front, so sorry for getting that wrong. But if you replace Cherry Bomb with any other plant that costs money (some people down below have mentioned the Snow Pea and Jalapeno), the point still stands

  2. Man the gameplay in the first game was amazing, whenever you got a vanquish and saw those little coins appear on the screen it felt more rewarding then it should’ve

  3. PVZ2 is great. The microtransactions are extremely cringe, but there is enough in the game that you don’t need to pay for, for it to be a worthwhile experience in my opinion.

  4. The lore is that it’s in the future most of humanity is dead but people like crazy dave figured out how to make plants like this then he used them to try to kill the zombies

  5. What I liked about this game was that the outfits weren’t just cosmetics. Some of them shoot faster or have less bullets and do more damage, other could freeze opponents or burn them

  6. omfg why shame this game for real it was and still is one of my favorite games for real i dont get it this game has such good graphics and you can see that they put a lot of work into it dont you have some other games to clown on…


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