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Grey Hack is a massively multiplayer hacking simulator game. You’re a hacker with full freedom to act as you want on a vast network of computers procedurally created. Hope you enjoy:)
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Grey Hack is a massively multiplayer hacking simulator game.

You’re a hacker with full freedom to act as you want on a vast network of computers procedurally created.

The interface of the game is similar to a current desktop operating system. The file explorer, the command terminal or text editor are some of the programs that will be available from the start of the game. As you improve your skills you will encounter new utilities may install and use.

In Grey Hack, the terminal has a fundamental role, it is also based on actual unix commands and will be an indispensable tool to perform successfully hacking actions.
Early Access Main Features
Simulator based on real UNIX commands.
Share the same world with other players online.
World generated procedurally.
Online data persistence, allowing you to continue later in the same world and with the same computer after leaving the game.

General Development Plan
The following features are not yet included in the game. During the development in Early Access will be completed, expanded and improved based on feedback from the community.

You can see in the Roadmap more details of the development as well as information about future updates.

One of the main objectives of the development is that each player action influence the world and therefore the other players.

For example, you will be able to act on your own benefit, even if you cause collateral damage, help the authorities stop criminals or simply keep a low profile and take advantage of the actions of other players.

In future versions of the game, you will have the possibility to join a group of hackers to carry out coordinated attacks or even create your own group in which you will be able to recruit other players.

Currently each computer in the network is used by at least one user. Each user lives consistently in the world; go to work, shop online, etc.
You will be able to directly or indirectly influence the lives of these people depending on what you do.

This concept of action-reaction is going to be expanded and completed throughout the development in Early Access.


  1. I'm wayyyyyyy to picky to play this game. The command flags and processes on how hacks are carried out in this game vs. real life were way too different for me. I'm… capturing packets… off the network… xD

  2. Ik this is late but this is a brilliant way to train new members to the hacking/infosec community I wish I had this now lol cause I'm actually dumb when it comes to cli

  3. This game looks sooo amazing! Thank you for posting this video because I randomly stumbled across it. All praise to the YouTube algorithm. It never gets it wrong, eh? 😮🤩🙌

  4. You don't really need to buy the game, just download and install kali linux and you got grey hack for free hhehehehehe ( Note: this is a joke, I am not liable to whatever shit you're about to do 😀 )

  5. So like, does this game sort of teach you the basics of hacking, or is it just a game that is fun to play, but doesnt have any real world application?
    I wanna know how to do this so bad lol.

  6. a ssh-server is used to let other computers connect to the computer(needs a login from the computer) and to controll it through the terminal.
    the ftp-server is for allowing file transfer (irl not used, insecure ,sftp is used instead).
    and the http-server is simply for hosting own websites.

    sry for being a smart aleck.
    the number that you pasted into the web browser is actually an ip address of a computer on wich a http server is running.


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